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Announcements from the Areas & the Region

BRSCNA Sub Committee's Meeting 

NEOASCNA's Activities Subcommittee needs you  Youngstown, OH

TASCNA Activities Facebook page

OCNA 38 Registration

Events from Areas & Regions

July 6th  NA Day a the Part WAGS Campout Fundraiser  Fairview Park, OH
July 12th thru 14th 31st Annual North Coast Recovery Roast  Thompson, OH
July 15th  No Matter What 8th Annual Picnic  North Jackon, OH
July 20th  WAGS, GLASNA & LEGS NA Birthday Celebration  Cleveland, OH
July 26 thru 28th WRASCNA Area Campout 2019  E Sparta, OH
July 28th  Spiritual Principle a Day Workshop  Youngstown, OH

Aug 2nd thru 4th  WAGS 2019 NA Campout New London, OH
Aug 3rd  Recovery Speaker Jam  Akron, OH
Aug 17th 18th Annual Recovery Fest Picnic Vermilion, OH
Aug 17th  TASCNA HOWDOWN  Warren, OH
Aug 17th and 18th  Midwest Zonal Forum  Warren, OH

Sept 1st  Sunday Night Serenity Group's 2nd Anniversary  Boardman, OH
Sept 7th  OCNA 38 Speaker Jam/Fundraiser
Sept 13th  WAGS Annual Indians outing  Cleveland, OH
Sept 14th 7th Annual River Street Recover Golf Outing  Geneva, OH

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